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Our Story

The Dale Cottages story is one rich in values of care, equity, dignity, innovation, participation, volunteerism and hard work. As a Not For Profit Organisation, it is no surprise that these values continue to underpin our work since 1957. In 1956 the community of Armadale and Kelmscott recognised the need to provide accommodation for elderly residents. From the first public meeting it was clear that the community of Armadale and Kelmscott would make this project happen and to this day we hold fast to the principal that Dale Cottages is an organisation that values all community members. In October 1959 the first duplex opened in John Street Armadale. Since then our organisation has grown in its mission to care for all community groups.

We Currently Provide:

  • 148 Independent Living Units
  • Residential Care Facility
  • Respite Services
  • In-Home Care Services
  • Visitor's Accommodation
  • Social and Recreational Activities
  • Community Catering Services
  • Greendale Community Centre
  • We continue to be an independent organisation guided by a Board made up of community representatives. The result has been the continuous provision of accommodation and an ongoing recognition that care,  choice,  equality and inclusivity are essential elements in service delivery.

    Dale Cottages
    The First 50 Years


    Our People


    Chief Executive Officer

    David Lamour

    Ph (08) 9497 3200

    Email: [email protected]


    General Manager Residential Care

    Krystle Jones

    Ph (08) 9497 3200

    Email: [email protected]


    Chief Financial Officer

    Nichel George

    Ph (08) 9497 3200

    Email: [email protected]

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    Clinical Nurse Manager

    Eric Almen

    Ph (08) 9497 3200

    Email: clinical@dalecottages.org


    Manager Community Care

    Sharon Moir

    Ph (08) 9399 6800

    Email: mcc@dalecottages.org

    Dale Cottages Logo

    Marketing Manager

    Ph (08) 9497 3200

    Email: [email protected]


    Village Administrator

    Jessica Schwarz

    Ph (08) 9497 3200

    Email: va@dalecottages.org


    Assets Officer

    Alan Footer

    Ph (08) 9497 3200

    Email: [email protected]


    Community Centre Coordinator

    Janice Ferguson

    Ph (08) 9399 5393

    Email: [email protected]


    It is such a relief to know that every morning I can feel comfortable to go to work and know that mum is being well cared for by such lovely people.   

    I cannot tell you enough times how amazing you have all been.  

    Linda from Oakford

    It is with heartfelt thanks that we wish to convey to each and every one of you our gratitude for the care and love you showed our mother, during her 6 year residency at J. E. Murray Home.

    From the Nursing Staff, the Carers, the OT's, the Kitchen Staff and the Cleaning Staff, we sincerely appreciate your efforts in all these respective areas of care.

    We miss mum terribly and into the mix we also miss you too.  After all you were integral in our lives having the very important job of caring for our Mother.

    Warmest regards,

    Trish & Julie 

    ‘Dale Cottages is a well established retirement village. The focal point is the pond with some lovely old trees surrounding it. We enjoy varied, good social and activity programs, including regular outings on our village bus.  A very reasonably priced nutritious dinner is available daily in the dining room or delivered to your home.

    The location of Dale Cottages is in a quiet part of Armadale, only a few minutes from a large shopping centre, medical facilities, the train and bus are also nearby.

    The complex is well managed by caring staff and help is always available from the prompt friendly and effective maintenance team.  I have lived in my spacious, comfortable cottage for nearly twelve years and like all good stories, I look forward to living here at Dale Cottages ………………………’Happily Ever After’.


    22 Years at Dale Cottages. Once we decided on a general policy of ‘if we haven’t used it for two years – we don’t need it’ – the thought of downsizing to move into Dale Cottages became much less daunting, and our families and local charities became the beneficiaries.  That was twenty two years ago and we still consider it to be the best decision we could have made for our retirement years.

    Life in the smaller home has been much simpler and economical with less rooms and fewer contents to be maintained, and regular scheduled repainting of interior and exterior walls.  We even have our gutters cleaned, white ant inspections and other incidentals looked after at no cost to ourselves. There is an amazing variety of low cost entertainment and activity available to those who like to participate, plus the opportunity to make new friends, or if we choose, protect our existing privacy.

    Dale Cottages is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which includes first class low and high care facilities for the aged and infirm, so we consider we have enjoyed these twenty two years of relaxed retirement in the best possible environment.

    Dennys & Marie